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Most Punchable Face in rock....
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Edited Feb 21, 2008, 19:11
Re: Most Punchable Face in rock....
Feb 21, 2008, 16:45
Like I say Liam is on the old wanky powder & Liam is a bit of a twat at the best of times for sure...and yes fighting is sToOpid.

But come now how can anybody say he isn't a rock n' Roller bad boy? I'm not saying this is something that I like him for but yes I do have soft spot for him & I do think he is a good singer. He will go down in history what ever *we* think of him. He is the real deal. Thats all I am saying.

Liam is *Rawk n' roLL* and the music Industry of the 90's would have been *bland* with out him. A working class hero...who sadly walks the left hand path and has gone a little wrong. Just like Sid V, Johny rotten, ect & lots of other satanic angry young men of their time.

(((Liam fan)))

P.S...the point I was originally making is that I wouldn't have the guts to punch Liam unless I had a death wish and that regardless of what anybody thinks about the lad, the one thing he is *not* is *just* all mouth, he is a hard nut mother fucker without a shadow of doubt. This is not to say I think that is clever cuz its not, however he *will* go down in rock n' rOLL history regardless of what anybody here thinks. Why? Cuz he has *proved* himself as a great showman and egocentric rock n' roller bad boy who is a Celtic MoFo!

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