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Records that everyone else seems to love, but you don't get.
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Re: Records that everyone else seems to love, but
Dec 01, 2006, 10:34
TOTALLY agree with you re Witney Houston and Celine Dion and any other show off wailing bint that just belts it out to demonstrate the fact she can sing REALLY LOUD! Frankly that shite leaves me cold and slightly embarrassed to be a woman (although it might be unfair of me to suggest these singers feel they represent women I guess...)

CANNOT STAND bloody RnB either, if what you mean by RnB is that bloody Usher nonsense - what a load of wank! Don't mind some rap and hip hop though, Run DMC spring to mind as a band I really like that fall into that category, but no, tis not on the whole one of my favourite musical genres and the Beastie Boys just get on my tits frankly.

I DO like OK Computer though; a couple of people have mentioned it here and I shall take this opportunity to stand up for it and say it's one of my all time favourite albums ever, even if it is a nervous breakdown set to music (which might well be WHY I like it...)
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