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Records that everyone else seems to love, but you don't get.
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Popel Vooje
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Re: Records that everyone else seems to love, but you don't get.
Nov 29, 2006, 16:59
Radiohead - OK Computer
Pompous, whiney, millionaire rockstar records album bemoaning the shallowness of fame. And then goes on to sell more records than ever before. Then makes rather good album on which most of the lyrics are submerged in the production to the point of virtual inaudibility (which is never a bad thing in Radiohead's case). Then reverts to type and band becomes boring again. Sack the singer ferfecksake! The world doesn't need another Roger Waters.

Blur - Parklife
Whoever thought that Chas and Dave on E would be an appealing prospect deserves to be happy slapped on both cheeks with a rotting haddock. If Jamie Oliver fronted a band, this is what they'd sound like. Lawdloveabunchofwankyessexartschoolfopspretendingtobedahnwiththewurkingclaaahses.

The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
Tried to like this one but really can't find the appeal at all. Sounds like a Byrds tribute band fronted by Charles Hawtrey to me.

The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
This is good, but it's definitely not as great as great or as ephocal all the NME polls would have you believe - and what's more, most of its influence has been bad (not that that's the Stone Roses' fault, but nontheless). Not as good as "Screamadelica", "Bummed" or even the Shamen's "In Gorbachev We Trust", all of which - to my ears - are all better stabs at the nascent indie / rave crossover thang than this. A 7 out of 10 album rather than a 10 out of 10 one.
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