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probably old hat but...what was your first concert (honesty, please!)?
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keith a
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Re: probably old hat but...what was your first concert (honesty, please!)?
Nov 11, 2006, 13:57
School trip, organised by our RE teacher, who took kids to loads of gigs. It would have been Roxy Music, but the trip was cancelled - lack of interest from the pupils iirc. Mott The Hoople was later cancelled for similar reasons.

So as I was desperate to go to a gig, I booked tickets for the first one available. Don't think I'd even heard anything by Uriah Heep!!

By that xmas, this teacher had also taken me to see Sparks, The Faces and Quo. Fast forward 4-5 yrs and he took us to see The Buzzcocks and Elvis Costello (and in the meantime, he took me to see T.Rex twice), though he didn't actually go and see any of these bands himself. He'd go to the cinema instead, and in the case of Costello, which he fancied seeing but could only get enough tickets for the 3-4 of us who asked to go, he sat in his car, beneath a street light and marked his pupils homework.

Beyond the call of duty and all that. A hero!
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