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R.I.P. Syd
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Re: Roger is finally at rest........
Jul 28, 2006, 23:40
Thank you for sharing all that information Ian. Funnily enough, from reading a few things you had mentioned about Syd I had already suspected Autism/Aspergers from the little you wrote, and then I read the TimesonLine article with your aunties comments saying she thought he was bordering Autism and it was what I suspected. That would explain EVERYTHING. Typically many people have been wrongly labelled with mental illness (especially the older generations in the years when Autism was hardly spoken about) when they were/are in fact autistic. I have heard many people speak publicly about their autism and it is amazing how many were wrongly locked up in mental institutions, only to find many decades later they did not have a mental illness, just Autism or Autistic traits.

Ian this is not meant towards you and it is slightly off-topic, but I just wanted to say to anyone reading this thread that people who have MILD Autistic Spectrum Disorders lead normal everyday lives. They can suffer a lot of internal stress (often linked to fear). The more stressed they are the more self-absorbed they become, the more classic autistic behaviours become apparant. The only thing that can break them away from the self-absorbtion is the Stress eventually ebbing away or avoiding things that trigger the stress in the first place - they know so well what upsets them and how to deal with it, even it it takes years to suss out how to combat it. They try incredibly hard to fit in and it takes a lot of effort to do so. When a person with MILD A.S.D. is not stressed and they are content with their life you wouldn't have a clue that they were any different to anyone else (unless you saw them regularly/daily) and during those calm and happy times they ARE like anyone else.

I know this from experience because I have a child who is on the very mild end of the Autistic Spectrum (the Aspergers end) who can appear very very very typically 'normal' but if you spent a lot of time with him you would see a different child. Mr Nakinoo and myself sometimes want to strangle some people who don't see him regularly and say 'well he seems normal to me'. Gggrrrr. The Autistic traits are not apparant all the time on the mild end of the Spectrum but each person has different triggers and different ways of coping - many chosing to act normal and hold it in but will eventually have to 'let it all out'.

Ian, I am sorry, I feel guilty for having gone off on a rant on a thread about your Uncle. I'm sorry. But, I understand why Syd did what he did now. It all makes total sense and I'm glad he avoided what he wanted to avoid and that many people who just knew him as Roger loved him.

NNN xxxxx
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