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most psychedelic album ever
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Re: golem!!!
Oct 30, 2001, 23:12
Oh, the bloke in the shop reckoned that the single that came with Ultrasonic Seraphim was in Record Collector for £18... seems a bit steep to me, anyone confirm this?
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Re: most psychedelic album ever
Oct 31, 2001, 10:15
sounds interesting, what label are they on, and are they easy to track down?
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Re: most psychedelic album ever
Oct 31, 2001, 10:19
nice list, though i prefer the Coil/Timemachines album, the four 'drug' based drones are sublime (esp' when your shroomed of your tits, a real 'meditative' trip), and if you can get hold of the free CDr that came with the first edition of 'Music To Play In The Dark', theres more 'live' dronal stuff (including a shorter version of Queens of The Circulating Library) which i think were recorded from the set they did for Cornucopia
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Re: most psychedelic album ever
Oct 31, 2001, 12:49
Shpongle / Hallucinogen are on Simon Posford's own 'Twisted Records' imprint. You can find the website here: http://www.twisted.co.uk/index1.html

You can also order the albums there too I think. Shpongle's 'Tales of the Inexpressible' is a great starting point. Failing that, email me and i'll burn some cd's for you.

The psychedelic circus is in town...
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Re: most psychedelic album ever
Oct 31, 2001, 12:57
Never heard of Angel'in Heavy Syrup before - are they a contemporary Japanese group? Any more info appreciated!
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Re: most psychedelic album ever
Oct 31, 2001, 13:05
Schpongle! I was gonna mention the very same... brilliantly warm, expansive, magikal landscapes. With that brilliant floaty flute of Raja Ram!
Now, where are all the fairyrings round my neck of the woods......
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Re: golem!
Oct 31, 2001, 13:09
Not heard the music, but recently read the book by Gustav Meyrink which is very trippy & dark in itself. Much better than Kafka!
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Re: most psychedelic album ever
Oct 31, 2001, 14:15
Their albums are pretty hard to get hold of, but if you get the chance, go for it! They're a contemporary group and I think one of them also does a noise project with Japanese-noise-guy Masonna. The latest Angel album was released by Monotremata (http://www.monotremata.com/) - there's some sound clips on the site IIRC. (Monotremata are also releasing some new Skullflower stuff, which should be good...)
the sensual santa
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Re: most psychedelic album ever
Nov 01, 2001, 19:07
Music To Play In The Dark Vol 1-Coil
Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella-Nurse With Wound
Heathen Earth-Throbbing Gristle
Aumgn-from Tago Mago-Can
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Re: most psychedelic album ever
Nov 02, 2001, 05:20
I don't know what the most psychedelic album of all time is.
However I have been listening to a couple of bands this summer that fit very nicely into this thread.
The first one is 'The Shalabi effect'. Check out their double album, all kinds of trippy creative stuff goin on.
The second is'Bardo Pond' They are more drug music than psycheldelic. They are from Philidelphia and have about a half dozen albums out. Check em out.
I will always reccomend 'Tripping Daisy' They are more psychedelic pop but all kinds of great weird stuff.
There is a Gratful Dead album called 'Infrared Roses' that is pretty trippy too. Its made up dead musical interludes from their live shows. I never saw them live but I guess this was common at their shows.

'Porno for pyros' album "Good Gods urge" is an underrated psychedelic masterpiece.

'Flaming lips' have "transmissions from the satilites heart"

'Nurse with wound and Stereolab' Colaberated on "Crumb Duck"

I'm not saying these are the best. However I thought they were worth mentioning.
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