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Re: Coldplay
Jun 25, 2005, 17:53
"All it'd do is provide a chart placing for Geri Halliwell or someone similar."

And you think Coldplay are any better than Geri Halliwell.

My argument, or one of them, can be summed up by using Amarillo as an example. Good music is always good music no matter how old, what the genre etc. If I gone out to my local club a year ago and played Amarillo the average punter would have told me it was shite. Now because radio, TV etc tell people it's good off they trot like lemmings and purchase it.

Most people don't get anything unless it's sold to them by the marketing men. Thus if the marketing men decide that they don't like Gorky's and that Coldplay are cutting edge, then what do we get and what do be blindly purchase? You've guessed it Coldplay.

Having recently bought the 4CD Aretha Franklin Live at the Filmore I can tell you that despite being over 30 years old and having numeerous flaws, this is a superb example of real talent, not only Aretha's, but the backing musicians as well. This is real soul music, not Blues Brothers pretence.

I love music and I hate when things, which are patently obviouls bland to anyone with any modicom of taste, being touted as cutting edge just 'cos lots of people buy it.
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