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The Opposite of Reissues
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Tangerine Pete
Tangerine Pete
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Re: The Opposite of Reissues
Apr 25, 2005, 21:34
I'm just in a bad mood today. Every time I think of this place as a community of like-minded individuals, threads like these remind me this is not so.

I just long for the old days when good music went out on a big labels, and the fringe stuff made it out on fringe labels.

These days, the big labels put out mainly garbage, the good stuff is on under-capatalized fringe labels, and the really awful stuff is on medium-szied labels that make sure you never hear the good stuff, cause the little labels can't compete.

Petra is on a medium-sized label, and that annoys me to a degree that i can't communicate, and to which I wouldn't expect anyone to care.

please excuse the vitriol
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