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ELP Review!
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Popel Vooje
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Re: ELP Review!
Jul 08, 2004, 13:27
How about having your front teeth pulled out with a pair of pliers? Wonder if Dog 3000 would be willing to undergo that so we don't have to as well...
dave clarkson
2988 posts

Re: ELP Review!
Jul 08, 2004, 13:36
apologies for the suggestion......maybe something less dangerous....doobie bros?
Billy Milk
Billy Milk
2045 posts

Re: ELP Review!
Jul 08, 2004, 14:14
amarok by mike oldfield?
9525 posts

Re: ELP Review!
Jul 08, 2004, 15:26
That's the one w/ the cover where they all look like Donny Osmond or something... Or is it Shaun Cassidy?
1770 posts

Lump Beach
Jul 08, 2004, 16:02
>>'Love Beach'

Ok..terrible title and cover image no matter how you look at it,but even beyond that,probably the most wildly inappropriate combination of the two in relation to an "artist"

Love Beach

wtf were they thinking?!

"Pop another button Greg..ah..that's it..work it"
Dog 3000
Dog 3000
4611 posts

For the record
Jul 08, 2004, 16:08
I do actually *like* "Trilogy" -- tho I guess I have a hard time finding reasons why. I like it in spite of itself I guess!

Here's my rundown on the ELP catalog for ya, using ratings on 0-10 scale:

ELP (self-titled) - 6 (actually sort of promising debut)

Pictures at an Exhibition - 1 (so awful it's almost in the "so bad it's good" category)

Tarkus - 5 (the side-long title song gets a gauche "9", the other side gets a "1")

Trilogy - 7 (reviewed)

Brain Salad Surgery - 4 (never thought much of this one)

Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends - 4 (the triple live album is not much worse than their studio work -- still haven't listened to the last two sides yet, "Karn Evil 9" that's why! It seems such a chore . . . but I MUST do it.)

Not heard "Love Beach" or the "Works" albums . . . YET!
Dog 3000
Dog 3000
4611 posts

Re: Lump Beach
Jul 08, 2004, 16:10
Prog was out, Disco was in. The record company made them do it!
Dog 3000
Dog 3000
4611 posts

and while we're at it
Jul 08, 2004, 16:18
My favorite individual tracks:

1. Tarkus
2. Hoedown
3. Take A Pebble
4. The Endless Enigma
5. The Barbarian

All over-the-top pomp classics, except "Take A Pebble" which actually has some nice textures & subtleties to it.
keith a
9316 posts

Re: and while we're at it
Jul 08, 2004, 17:17
Ah! Take A Pebble! That was the other track I was trying to think of that I used to like.

"Just take a pebble" and...

after reading the Trilogy lyrics again, god only knows what Greg wanted us to do with that pebble!
Jim Tones
Jim Tones
5142 posts

I think I need help...
Jul 08, 2004, 18:41

ELP - So Good they're Bad.....So Bad they're Good!

It's so strange, as all these track titles mentioned have a strange nostalgia around them- due to there being hardcore ELP fans around me in school.
Many an hour was spent drawing pictures of ELP with massive mekon-like heads to piss off your mates who were die-hard followers!
But....I play BSS from time to time!.....maybe a bit more than 'time to time'......
I saw the 1st album in a local record shop for £6- my older brother had this album- there is an odd, even perverse pull for me to purchase it and feel those Hammond chords of 'Barbarian'... hammering my mature but very confused skull :-I
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