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Head Heritage 50 worst bands
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Moon Cat
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Re: okely dokely
Aug 28, 2003, 20:21
well yeah....but I was just of a mind that what with all the recent bad vibement and discord (& dat chord arf!) and general "boo- hissness" around these parts, I think I'd prefer to channel my energies into raving about something wot I like than the reverse if you catch one's drift. Fair play to peep's wanna do the gripe thing and some of it's pretty funny...just seems a bit ...I dunno...mmmnnyyah.

BTW if you were to look at my NMErelated (and others) scribbling and gibblement it's usually to say good things as well, though if I do the gripe thing I gotta say I think I get more of a kick doing it on the letters pages of thee muzik meeja than in this comfy salon de Rock. 8^)
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