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Head Heritage 50 worst bands
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Fitter Stoke
Fitter Stoke
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Re: Head Heritage 50 worst bands
Aug 27, 2003, 00:22
Y'know, this is all a bit futile. Mebbes it's a reflection of my own lousy taste but there isn't one list I've seen above that doesn't contain at least a couple of bands/artists I actually like. It's all horses for courses anyway, innit? Plus I detect more than a hint of what's hip not to like in certain lists. Let's face it, some bands are always going to be uncool irrespective of whether they are or were any good. What, for example, was ever wrong with It Bites other than the fact that they straddled the divide between prog and pop so effectively that they ultimately appealed to neither's admirers? C'mon, dudes - while we live in a nation that bears a cunt like Robbie Williams as its biggest celebrity talent then I'm sure we can find more deserving subjects of our hate than It Bites or even bloody Genesis for that matter. Save your venom for Willams and his manufactured, hyped-up ilk and leave real bands out of it, whether or not you rate 'em.
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