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August Album of the Month
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Re: August Album of the Month
Aug 02, 2003, 17:21
Yer, okay. Its the attitude that was, er. crass. As far as sexist lyrics are concerned, I guess DLR saved them for his solo career.
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Re: August Album of the Month
Aug 02, 2003, 17:26
oh. And the music itself is still crap. The time and place is gone, time to move on. Have to agree, if VH were ever shamanic and mystikal then all r spiritual lives are truly screwed ;)
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Re: August Album of the Month
Aug 02, 2003, 17:28
Sorry, I didn't know you are the only one on this site busy making music these days! Though you obviously still find the time to post here to moan.

So now it seems you just don't care about the AOTM's whatever they are, old or new, I hear you say - too 'cutting edge' for you, you say, rite? All right, then why are you wasting MY time? Let me hear someone with an opinion on the albums (AND who has properly listened to them) while you get back to your punk vs metal utopia.

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Re: August Album of the Month
Aug 02, 2003, 17:30
Aaah that's more like it! At last someone who's got something to say!

I agree. Lighten up, dudes.

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Re: August Album of the Month
Aug 02, 2003, 18:55
At last - the truth.

I don't come in here that often, but I never realised there were so many po-faced disapproving gets!!!

:^) Who the hell are you lot to rubbish anyone's musical tastes...? (Other than in fun.)



(Don't worry I'm back off to TMA now.)
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Re: August Album of the Month
Aug 02, 2003, 22:42
Poo and Bums!

hehe, hmm, lots of people have good points and bad points here, and some are getting more overly serious than opthers even though they maybe making points i agree with.

On the bottom line, i quite like VH, i got their first LP from a Skip which my dad found, though that is all i have heard, i simply find their music a bit of fun.

Not got a lot more to add really, but certainly a good read (as ever!)

Steve :)
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Aug 03, 2003, 02:57
The Van Halen track eruption is nothing more than a soul less display of muso virtiousity.

It is the biggest display of someone wanking off on a fret board I have ever heard, It is not shamanic. It is not sonic experimentation.

The thing which always struck me about Van Halen is why be the best guitarist in the world if your records are shit.

Give me a guy who only knows three chords any day.

Why call a song eruption - is this what EVH reaches when he has played with himself enough.

ps - dont take this too bad. I've been on the piss tonight.
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Re: August Album of the Month
Aug 03, 2003, 05:00
Point of principle here.
Rap music leaves me cold. Fast guitar does nothing for me. Yet I'm a musician in my own way. If I tried for ten years I couldn't play guitar like Eddie Van Halen. I could slave over a word processor for weeks and not come up with a decent rap lyric. These guys can do something that's beyond my abilities. Respect to them.
Moon Cat
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Aug 03, 2003, 20:21
Am I fuck.
Perhaps I wasn't too clear in my anger and I apologise for this.

So I shall put it like this instead.
Mr Cope went at lengths, with nice pictures to boot ,and a fair amount of effort to write about a Van Halen bootleg with extra information and some florid words about rock and roll. It's there, that's all it is.

As I undstand it, and please correct me if I'm wrong, no one is legally obliged to read it or indeed act upon it. The immediate response from Murray & Stray was scorn along the "go to hell" lines. How charming.

The scorn was derived from Cope posting about a band and genre they do not like. How dare he?! For all their moaning so far about how some of us are apparently getting at THEM for not liking Van Halen (And for the record I really X 10 couldn't give a gibbon's spunk whether you do or not), it seems to have passed them by that they threw the first stone. Cope reviewed something we dont like ;"GO TO HELL!"
What next! Is he gonna review something else I don't like?!! WHAT you mean they ACTUALLY SOLD SOME RECORDS?! CAPITALIST DOGS OF THE WEST!!

I dont care whether Cope posted it, you did, I did or The Right Revrend Jasper BumGrapes did and I dont care whether it was about some obscure Krautrock artifact or S Club 7; you both attacked and went off one one cos its the review wasnt in your remit.

I wonder if say Murray had posted an review on Unsung and had recieved a "go to Hell" for his efforts how he would have felt? Would not the matter of plain rudeness crossed his mind? Recommending something on Usung isn't a gun to the head, it's presenting an option. The door is open, you dont have to walk thru it.

Oh and you know Stray...being told to fuck off by you isn't upsetting....it's an HH rites of passage and the sound of inevitability.
Between telling everyone to usually "sort it out" cos Stray is the Way....well good for you but no thanx.

And what have I ever contributed to a debate? Yeah you're right...so tata
The Seth Man
The Seth Man
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Aug 03, 2003, 21:00
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