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Joe Biden meets Boris Johnson
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Re: Joe Biden meets Boris Johnson
May 03, 2021, 05:39
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
giNgko_C wrote:
maybe we're all idiots actually

maybe we should ketchup all future generations

I'd wish for a better off button meself


Oh god, what if all right wing thought were snuffed out in the blink of an eye, but i've forgotten how to lay on anything with a string instrument stimulated repeatedly into a frenzy because vibrations exist in the mind only?

Oh god, all thought reduced to Biden vs Johnson.

they'll present a united front and go: "blibble ibble virus humanity bible dealing horrible"

i'm not even joking, just sad really - you know how all the mentalists get, they just go all U Know, you think they're mad, then you end up with Biden vs Johsnons. which is fucking fun actually

essentially you wish to live as long

what if, like, Joe Biden teleports down in some gelatinous embrio with an ominous C sharp drone, and Carrie Symonds does her "frisky when after a couple of vinos" and starts licking the wallpaper?

her body remains horizontal even when the spaceship has disgorged its Biden contents, and every time Biden mentions Universal Credit her legs flap even though she is transfixed at 90 degrees to the wallpaper for eternity until they make a new alien visitation table out of her.

Sometimes they fold her up again, but after the Biden visitaion she has been nothing more than an iron fixation.

This is waht they do though - reduce people down to base elements and expect weak magnetic forces to do all the work

that's the point where you go "yes, you are deliberately paraphrasing Cypress Hill with quantum mechanics"

thing is though, no one would know the fucking difference

World Hit By Other Planet Shock!!!

Horizon no longer water, merely debris. Stop.

Atmosphere loss, sunburn encroaching. Stop.

Must. Plug. In. AKAI. Sampler. With. Quadraverb. Delay. Stop.

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