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Boris In Scotland
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Edited Jul 31, 2020, 08:15
Re: Boris In Scotland
Jul 31, 2020, 08:11
Captain Starlet,

You implied "probable Russian interference" swayed the Brexit result. I strongly disagree. This is our security services mirroring their US counterparts in finding an excuse for the Brexit result, just as the US searches for a reason to deligitimise the election of Trump.

Another thought, all the talk currently of the NHS being handed to US private business interests (a genuine threat that Westminster has now denied the Scottish Govt the powers to reject, even though Health is devolved). Remember Obama's TTIP negotiations with the EU? That would have had the same effect.

Ironically, it was Trump's election that nixed that trade agreement, as he sought to overturn every Obama policy through spite. So the peoples of the EU got at least a delay on that horror. If Hillary had been elected TTIP would have been a done deal by now, chlorinated chicken and all.

But Trump was always going to come back on that matter, simply through US naked self interest. And there'd be no change in that under Biden.

The people of the UK are going to have to put a real fight to save (what's left off) of the NHS. On a scale massively bigger than anything we've seen in the past, whether climate change, BLM or the poll tax riots.

Unless we want a future where British people have to sell their houses, or go into massive debt, if a family member gets cancer, etc.

Did you know the NHS in England was effectively abolished by the Health And Social Care Act 2012 under Cameron? Astonishing, as this was achieved with virtually no media coverage or public concern.

There's an informative TED Talk by Allyson Pollock on this subject up on YouTube, that should break your heart. This has had only 180K views in 6 years!:


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