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Edited Nov 16, 2020, 15:31
Re: Who thinks
Nov 16, 2020, 15:13
Amil04 wrote:
this is a scam

and who thinks not.

I shall presume that those that don’t reply think it’s a scam

(This is how they came up with the 97%)

Speaking of the Prince Days Of Wild Montreux 2013 performance, I think I've managed to detect a hint of the old "Towards Antichrist" in the UK government's messaging today:


PM and four MPs self isolating - what is this? A functioning test and trace system or some kind of pyramid scheme!?


Always good to show your working, so here's mine:

Friday 13th: gripped with a foreboding sense of body shutting down so spend the day getting Shiraz-faced to ward off evil spirits. End up fixated on the 1 over 4 fabric flame pattern on the stage setup of Prince Youtube video that segues into Rufus & Chaka Khan's Ain't Nobody - ye, that must be some illuminati reference or something.

Saturday 14th: spend all day nursing hangover going "why do I have to fixate on these stupid little things repeatedly?". Go to bed and have annoying subconscious feedback dream where some chap is pointing out how you can get 666 out of the date November 16th because 11.16 == 111 * 6 == 666. Great, even my dreams won't shut up about all this numerological horseshit.

Monday 16th: Prime Minister and four MPs told to Covid-self-isolate. Ah, there's the 1 / 4 pattern again.

Flippin' Moominahti, mate

EDIT: OH WAIT, it's 7 MPs now. PHEW! disregard then, the Guardian article said four initially - panic over !!!
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