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Edited Apr 24, 2020, 20:55
Re: From Facebook
Apr 24, 2020, 20:51
Virus trials..wow the tv would love that. Just think of it..I mean these days the producers of Love Island..Bake Off..X Factor..wow what a show..I’m afraid that is what it would probably amount too..but good idea...I think all parties concerned are currently giving themselves ‘immunity’ from being sued/charged.etc. I’d like to put a boot in at gas mark seven and give a few folk a taste of it. Metaphorically of course..
I kinda get the ‘Tory voters’ bit but maybe not push blame on what are really just (horrendously) misinformed people. Brainwashed, mind controlled..whatever..really just plain and simply had the wool pulled over..not that any other party is any better.

There’s a different feel in the air? Notice it? It’s gone ‘slack.’ New moon a day or two ago. Over the years I swear I can ‘feel’ a new moon.

I’m tempted to recount some personal experiences of late but that would be grim reading.

I think many people have now heard, from MSM, “whichever approach a country takes.. the end result may well be the same”..
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