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Re: From Twitter
Apr 22, 2020, 07:36
No staff or no patients?

“A large care home here in Hampshire, with residents who have advanced and late state dementia. No family or friends permitted to visit since mid-March. No hairdresser nor podiatrist visits permitted. Patients nursed in their rooms. Staff with masks on. Routines utterly changed beyond recognition for people in a highly confused state, people who rely on fixed routines, and facial expressions in order to help them understand day to day life. No pets as therapy visits permitted. No going outside in the grounds . It just goes on and on, how inhumane this treatment is. These people are terminally ill with different forms of dementia, which will kill them, whether it be from loss of swallow function, or chest infections. Their end days are as difficult as one could imagine, when things are normal, so as for now. I cannot even imagine how frightened some of them are. And I find myself wondering, we are “saving” them from this “virus” at what cost to their last months alive ?
This is the reality, that people clamouring for more of this sh*t, simply don’t see. And my guess is that it is pretty similar in most “care” homes up and down the country .
It makes me ashamed.
Just one other interesting fact. QA hospital is currently running at a bed occupancy of around 50%. Whole wards are empty. It normally runs at 85 % , up to 90 +% in winter flu period, as it is an enormous hospital covering a huge swathe of Hampshire. This is from two people who work there
Makes one think about the massive temporary hospital built in London , at astronomical cost, which appears to have now been completely forgotten?”
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