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Fuck my Priti Extrasolar Tits
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Edited Nov 21, 2019, 22:54
Re: Fuck my Priti Extrasolar Tits
Nov 21, 2019, 22:07
Hey Lawrence,

The unrequited love mystery appears to go even deeper now.

I'd got in touch with M for the first time in years, got her reply on the evening of April 11 2019 and I was ecstatic - was about to settle down to watch Brooklyn Nine Nine but the telly had totally glitched out. The missus and me took some arty photos of the screen and I uploaded one with the tag line "Nine Nine!!!". For some reason I thought an upload of this electro freakout might somehow convey how I felt about her without having to actually say anything.

At first I only loosely associated her birthday and the album Rome Wasn't Burned In A Day with Notre Dame catching fire, but looking at the wiki it states that the fire started at 18:18 in the evening. 1+8:1+8 == 9:9 == "Nine Nine!!!"

Revelations of Divine Love AD 1373 my Golden Ass, what the FUCK is going on!?



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