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Edited May 01, 2020, 13:45
Re: Bro ken ews
May 01, 2020, 13:04
Amil04 wrote:

That’s such a mad story! What on earth are OXFORD doing with this?

All I’ll say at the moment is the comments are funnier than the article..

“If it’s a breeding program why are aliens so into butt stuff?”

Oh aye we're doing this again are we?


Tell u what,
That mad alien visitation alcoholic near death hallucinosis I had 11 years ago now was all completely guided by the Prince Lotusflow3r (2009) website!

I'd been drinking all bank holiday weekend so wake up late on the Monday 4th May afternoon with the visual distortions of an early mushroom onset rearranging the letters on the sexy Mulholland Drive poster I got ups on me wal, still with this gashing great pimple in the centre of my forehead.

"Give it time", me housemate says before he leaves for the week, in reference to my wanting to burst the sodding thing. Not sure when the blue tunnel started forming behind my eyelids, but some point after bursting this particularly fatty deposit I'm just laying down relaxing and see the mind jizz shoot up the eye tunnel in the same manner as the animation when logging in to that new Prince website.

"Request sent!", I mentally joke to myself, "should have my location and be here shortly". Not sure what feeling came over my body but it was a bit certainly ill, to the extent I open the window and read the first few pages of The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying that happens to be on the shelf.

I'm laid back totally now marvelling at the tunnel and wonder if it's worked. Sure enough I look to my left and see this weird little hoodie dude of so many deviantart T-Shirts, composed entirely out of Matrix-style code-rain pixels. Any normal adult would surely have leapt up and tried to bat it with a teatowel or something, but no that's just too far out - I'm gonna lol my head back this way and close my eyes.

Aliens making viruses! What utter nonsense! Do they hand-knit DNA strands together in their downtime or something!? The mothership heavenly light sensation is just your optic nerve feeding back around yer own irises!!! And I certainly wasn't drinking myself to death having met up with me "mothership" ex 2 days beforehand oh no siree no was on that trajectory already yeah

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