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Bro ken ews
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Edited Oct 20, 2019, 01:47
Re: Bro ken ews
Oct 20, 2019, 01:21

Here's a mad as nuts conspiracy for your crack pipes - with the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels the underneath of the earth is being converted into gas, thereby increasing the orbital spin of the earth and sending it careering into to The Sun.

The only reason this gravitational occurence has not been noticed is because time slows down as you draw nearer to a centre of gravity, potentially dragging the other planets with you

Beats the Flat Earth shit at least (with apologies to the last 100 years).

So when the leader of the opposition keeps banging on about a "race to the bottom" whilst Boris has an extra-solar comet that'll be gone by Christmas named after him, well I just don't know what to vote for now!

((oh, so that's what the film Bend It Like Beckham was about))

Yes Jesus, it was the title sequence to 3rd Rock From The Sun.

((thanks, I'll put my bittern away now. Byeeee))

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