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Edited May 14, 2019, 13:58
Re: Bro ken ews
May 14, 2019, 13:55
..that’s interesting.
It’s the first time I’ve seen so many for a while. It’s usually on lovely blue sky day be it summer or winter, autumn or spring. Large areas of the sky turn ‘milky’ after a while as the trails disperse and loose their ‘linear cloud’ appearance. People say this kinda thing has been happening since the 70’s in America. Not a phenomenon seen over China I gather. I think it’s something dead simple that’s going on and people are complicating it. Why passenger planes should be flying parallel to each other I don’t know. Strikes me as more military than civil.
Yesterday at least a third (?) were going south east, almost like they were converging to a ‘point’ far away. It’s difficult to describe in words, timing/numbers etc. Again, years ago I saw people making vids about them in American..and thought ‘that’s a load of old bull’. Once I saw them for myself I changed my mind. As to what these trails contain? I think it’s something more benign rather than ‘toxic’ It might even be these aircraft are kicking out more water vapour for some reason..or what they are kicking out somehow affects the water vapour already up there..who knows. Normal service seems to have been resumed round here now..the usual 4-6 passenger aircraft visible leaving trails that don’t last.
Unlike the ones yesterday and this morning. Thanks for your thoughts Jim and cheers Nigel for your observations. Other people I know in different parts of the country see them the same days or a day or two after I do. Like there doing a sweep..I’ll be watching the local and national weather today (forgot yesterday) but quite often they’ll use a picture sent in by a viewer which features them in their forecast. I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen them for more than two days running..but watch out tomorrow peeps!

These Occam’s razors are they any good..? Does Boots do em’?
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