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No shadows/sunlight
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Edited Jun 12, 2019, 15:09
Re: No shadows/sunlight
Jun 12, 2019, 15:06
Warning..potentially upsetting image..


By looking at the position of the sun it is clearly late afternoon when this picture was taken..so some 6-8 hrs after the supposed blast.
Spot the obvious oversight.
Would we be able to see pictures like this if it was a domestic ‘attack.’
No. So why are we ‘allowed’ to see this.? Are these people somehow lesser people? So it’s ok? We don’t even get to see an image of a ‘bomber’ walking into a public space here do we. ie Manchester. Take a while to look at this image with an empty mind..forget all you have been told and look for yourself. Is this real? Or Staged? In what appear to be the first photos taken after the event (ie a matter of minutes after) not one pew is out of place. Now surely a blast big enough to blow the roof off, injury and kill, must have been strong enough to at least shift a few rows of pews. Bolted to the floor? Nah..they shifted them all into piles at the back of the church whilst leaving that poor fella and a couple of others (you can just make them out) ‘hanging around’


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