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They got Assange
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phallus dei
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...and now he's gravely ill??
May 30, 2019, 20:44
Assange's May 30 Court hearing is canceled due to him suddenly becoming "gravely ill" after less than 2 months in prison... after already surviving 7+ years holed up in an embassy with no natural light and minimal access to doctors. A convenient death will solve a lot of problems: 1) neither Britain nor Sweden will have to extradite him to the US - thus allowing them to still both pretend to be "independent" of their American overlords; 2) Assange will never be brought to court for publishing leaked documents, so America can still pretend to have freedom of speech; 3) whatever secrets Assange knows about the source of the DNC leak will never be revealed, so the CIA can continue to parrot its Russiagate narrative ad infinitum; and 4) everyone with half a brain will know that Assange was murdered in prison, thus serving as a clear warning to anyone else who dares to step out of line - the deep state has all the cards, and we have none.

What a sorry time to be alive.

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