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They got Assange
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Edited Apr 14, 2019, 16:09
Re: Fancy that
Apr 13, 2019, 16:03
Comment from John Young who was nearly the ‘face’ of Wikileaks.

“It rides the wave of imaginary disgust with MSM and governments,”


It’s been alleged in the past few days that the Equdorian Embassy has been spying on Julian Assange ‘all along’
Yet a year ago there was a news article proclaiming the EE was spying ‘for’ JA.


It’s being suggested that JA/Wikileaks is a honeypot operation. Julian being the bait. All manner of people would come and see JA in confidence, hackers, activists, politicians.. to discuss a range of issues. Little did they know, ‘the guests’ of JA were being spied on. With JA’s knowledge. Now in the past few days Wikileaks representatives are saying ‘Wikileaks has ‘just’ found out the EE was spying on ‘him!’


Think of all that data collected. Have these ‘guests’ been fooled into revealing large amounts of ‘sensitive information’ to someone or some group that is in reality their potential ‘enemy?’ Perfect timing for a distraction from other news..too. As an American commentator put it “this happened an hour after it was announced that democracy don’t mean shit in the UK’


I can’t say I’ve particularly warmed to the guy doing this video but I take interest in what he’s saying.

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