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Edited Apr 28, 2019, 20:30
Re: Greta
Apr 28, 2019, 20:16

And no..

The ‘Hidden Hand’ controlling world events will be controlling conspiracy culture as well..it’s a very useful tool.*(Not all of it obviously..full of ordinary people with a thirst for learning about the world...for themselves)
Conspiracy is more or less internet based so as long as people (like me!?) are ‘on the internet’..what do they care? They all win..It costs money to buy a PC, pay the phone bill..the electric bill etc. They’re laughin’! Plus it’s being contained and monitored. While I’m sitting on my arse I’m not out there ‘doing something.’ It’s the most asked question from someone who’s maybe new to such a 180 degree world view change...”but what can we do?” That starts with talking..but these days aren’t people being more limited in what they can say because language itself is being corrupted?

*...But that doesn’t mean to say there is no conspiracy, which would have its fingers in every area of life..therefore it would be expected that there would be at least a hint of conspiracy in everything..follow the smaller, local issues and you’ll find it ends up in line with a larger global agenda.

No wonder they call it ‘going down the rabbit hole’

No doubt a phrase invented on lunch break at Langley.

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