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Edited Mar 12, 2019, 12:21
Re: Greta
Mar 12, 2019, 11:56
I don’t remember seeing much of David Bellamy on tv when I was younger, There was probably something else on one of the ‘other two channels’ at the same time. I do remember Johnny Ball’s ‘Think of a Number’ very well though.

I used to like all the optical illusion stuff. When something appears to be one thing or shape but is actually another when viewed differently...

It’s that George Mombiot who works for the BBC and is one of the main players in ‘Extinction Rebellion’? ; )

On one level Bellamy saying about wind turbines sounds like an odd thing to say, I agree. I think that statement of his (no doubt one of many not expressed in that article) has been included to weaken his argument and make him appear foolish? I don’t think he himself would have put himself forward as some kind of ‘mascot’ but that’s more how the press are portraying him?

On another level, and I think this was what he was getting at maybe?..it could be argued and is by some that it’s part of a normalisation process. The earlier and more times the young see wind turbines in ‘pictures’ the more likely they will see them as a ‘normal’ part of their landscape. Wind turbines have their critics. I don’t know enough about the facts to discuss that. Some would agrue its not really ‘green’ energy at all. I know that much..And producing this type of energy might cost you a little more? But you can be safe in the knowledge that you spending a little more is saving the planet? That’s like blackmail, or a hostage situation...’pay up or the planet gets it” I’m being a bit extreme there maybe.

The same could be said of persistent trails..one example, the more times people see them in weather photos sent in to local and national news by the public, the more likely one is to accept them as to be nothing out of the ordinary. Dunno. It’s an idea out there..

I think admirers of ‘great scientists of the past’ would enjoy Johnny Ball’s talk whatever views they have.

“Think of a number!”


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