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Exit from Brexit Jo Cox
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Edited Mar 06, 2019, 09:53
Exit from Brexit Jo Cox
Mar 04, 2019, 23:36
From the Richplanet website...

1.3.2019 - Questionable Time, MP describes Richaplanet film as "Racist Abuse"
On 28th February the BBC's flagship political discussion programme, "Questionable Time" featured comments by labour MP Barry Gardiner. Watch his comments here. (Link not reproduced for some reason..go to site if you want to watch or iplayer or whatever. amilo4) Gardiner held up a copy of Richaplanet's latest film about the Jo Cox assasination. You can watch the 3 hour film here. Gardiner started by reading out an alleged letter from a far right extremist, he then held up the Richplanet DVD film while holding my covering letter in his other hand. Was he trying to confuse the two letters?

In January 2019 I sent a copy of my film to every UK MP. 650 DVDs were sent out to MPs constituency offices along with a stong covering letter. Since the films were sent out, the UK media has been awash with stories featuring stories linked to Jo Cox and her assassination. These stories in my opinion are attempts to re-inforce a bogus mainstream narrative about the Jo Cox assasination, first put forward in 2016 by the UK media. Many MPs will have watched the film by now, including my own MP Gerald Jones who I know has watched the film. I urge everyone to book an appointment with your MP, to ask them if they have watched the film which they would have received at the latest by early February.

I am intersted in any feedback your MPs give you.

I have written to Mr Gardiner and challenged him to a public debate about the evidence surrounding the Jo Cox assassination

My bit..

This film has already had over 10,000 views in the last three/four days.

It’s thorough research whatever you might think. Defo worth a watch..not pushing leave/remain one way or the other. If his findings are even close to the truth then people, me, you, will/should be asking very different questions.

Tommy Mair was stitched up..names possible killer in part three..

Panama Papers?..you’ll have to get to part four for that..

Part one of four..


He’s got balls.
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