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Nov 24, 2018, 12:13

15 mins

Includes interview with well respected ex aviation journalist Nick Cook. (4.37mins)

This guy Hutchinson can levitate canon balls (and other metallic and non metallic objects), as seen in vid, using radio frequencies and static fields..no shit. Cook doesn’t doubt it. I remember seeing a doc on this in the nineties.

From ‘The Willits News’

“Life Ray is a company whose goal is to eliminate radioactive contamination and advance alternative energy technology. According to the website life-ray.org, “Life Ray uses proven technology that converts radioactive materials into inert elements. The technologies Life Ray is using are actually very ancient, just rediscovered by the desire to learn… The theory underlying the technology is that all matter is energy that pulsates. Radioactive elements vibrate at a distorted frequency as they are trying to stabilize. Cutting edge technology supplies the pulsations that radioactive materials need to stabilize. The technology uses audio and radio frequencies to transmutate radioactive elements into inert elements, which are harmless. The process is much simpler and faster and uses much less energy than current processes for rendering radioactive materials inert.”

More specifically, Nancy said the method they utilize is “based on my husband’s technology” which can be found at johnkhutchison.com. As an example, Nancy said, “John has a battery that never needs to be recharged… We use tones and vibrations with a music overlay… We are going to be taking steps with that and creating something you can hold in your hand enough power to power a house.” Nancy warned, however, that, “There are websites that aren’t him, that say they are. There’s a lot of pirate sites.” John said people have been capitalizing on him and his work for years. He said fake website such as hutchisoneffect.com are “just trying to make money off of me.” He said his official website is johnkhutchison.com and on YouTube his channel is called JohnKHutchison1.

The Hutchisons believe that “ever since the first nuclear bomb was detonated, the Earth has been contaminated with radioactive fallout.” They say that, unbeknownst to many, more than 2,000 nuclear bombs have been detonated since 1945. With this in mind, the Hutchisons plan to “get the radiation levels back down” in Willits and the surrounding areas. Nancy said, “Once we shut down the equipment in Oregon, (the radiation levels) more than doubled… but we want to get this area to have the lowest levels of radiation on the planet which is what we had in Oregon… We are trying to figure out a way to atmospherically grab it, make it inert, and then hopefully these vibrations, which are based upon nature, will help repair the DNA damage that’s been done to all the life on the planet.”

“It’s physics Jim, but not as we know it”

Nick Cook’s ‘The Billion Dollar Secret’ is well worth a watch for anyone interested in aviation/space.


(The remote viewing stuff is bleedin’ nonsense..thrown in there to give the viewer a more sceptical slant on the rest of the topics discussed in the programme?)
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