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Edited Nov 24, 2018, 14:58
Re: 11/22/63
Nov 23, 2018, 16:21
I think we’re saying the same thing regarding airliners?

Did you watch the vid I posted under “And today children, we’re going to look through the round window”? (We’re both old enough to remember ‘Play School’) 10mins...again daft background music.

What the hell were they doing?!

I’m not saying we’ve not been to the moon.

I think it’s possible that the whole Apollo program was acting in part as sort of cover for a far more advanced propulsion system (undisclosed) NASA says “we no longer have the technology to go to the moon, it’s been lost..” What!?
It’s them saying..”look, this is what we can do at the moment..and no more” ‘Firework technology’
Of course they didn’t even do that..( only went into low earth orbit) why bother if there’s some other means? Just mock it up.
Could it be they had to pretend to go because they’d already been? On the quiet like..?
It seems to fall into the ‘template’ for lying.
ie..if you tell your mates that you’ve never been to a certain pub..and you have, you’re going to have to watch yourself that you don’t accidentally let something slip in a conversation that would prove that you had been to that pub. So you have to put in place something like..”I’ve never been to that pub...but erm..I saw it on the telly once.” You’ve got to have a ‘get out’
Thats just off the top of my head, and maybe irrelevant.

(Update, this is very relavant to my stream of thought ramble here..https://youtu.be/dWWwzjFNtmU )

I think they do that kinda thing quite a lot..they’ll pump millions into projects (and reap billions back of course) which give the public an impression of where they’re at with a particular technology..Meanwhile in the hanger across the way their messing with stuff you and I could bearly imagine. I’m thinking of things like the Avrocar here.


Really? Dumb.

They’ll often make films..like ‘Men in Black’ so if stuffs brought up in general conversation..people immediately think “oh yeah, like in that film” or other. “That’s just in Hollywood.”..These films become peoples first frame of reference. Like a net to ‘catch’ your line of enquiry.
We’re coming from different angles Nigel, but I’m enjoying the exchange. And that’s perhaps the most important aspect of these things..that they should be discussed in a spirit of friendship.

Exactly...regarding what you said about the ‘BBC’ Kennedy program..the media can convince us black is white one day..and that white is black the next. So everything becomes a murky shade of grey.

I’d definitely be pulling ‘Joe the Cartaker’ in for a grilling!
Haha..’Joe the Caretaker’...sounds like a Mafia hitman.

It’s all connected up..9/11, Climate Change, Space exploration, Terror..etc, etc..Sometimes it takes seeing the connection between things before you allow yourself to see the ‘truth’ about the one subject. ( I could’ve put that better too.)

Thanks for taking a quick look at the vid at least...maybe someone with watch it, and want to further investigate?

It’s not nice having deeply held beliefs shattered, in fact it’s extremely depressing!..but I’d rather know what’s really going on in this world.

Each to their own.

I talk to people about this stuff in real life too...with mixed results! ( I’m not just ‘sticking my neck out’ on forums..being anonymous.)

From “You’ll be wearing a shell suit nextl” to “actually..I’d never thought of it like that”

What do you think dear reader..?

I can’t believe I’M saying stuff like this at times..because it all does sound rather nuts.

As an aside. Historically how did the rich and powerful get so rich and powerful?
Because they were better than anyone else at stealing, murdering, lying and cheating.
Nothing’s changed.. apart from the technology, developed by them, to do it even better!
Cynical and Simplistic I know but..

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