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Does Cope hate Muslims?
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Edited Oct 25, 2018, 19:00
Re: Does Cope hate Muslims?
Oct 12, 2018, 21:44
Though obviously the counter argument if you had one would be that we shouldn't let the World descend back into a hunter gatherer society unless Royal Dutch Shell have reforested an entire continent without simply paying lip service to Jeremy's Giant Imaginary Trumpet.

Then we can frollick with Tusks and suck the fat of the gamey woodland creatures, so curiously obese tasting from their natural habitat.

It doesn't really matter if you're Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist or Mormon or Sikh or Dave or Elon Muff's Quantum Entangled Murdoch, all that matters is making sure you hoover up all of the permafrost methane and piss and shit into the deserts.


huzzah! ones drunken blatherings made real!


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