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Edited Aug 08, 2018, 22:03
Boy Dorbison
Aug 08, 2018, 21:53
Radical protest ideas:

I was thinking of forming a radical protest group where we all wear blindfolds and carry a full tin of Dulux paint strapped to our belts and then when we escape out of the back of the bus we just run around daubing things with the paint without being able to see anything but we have sensors in our shoes that vibrate and the whole things controlled by an IoT app because we left all our phones in the bus but we've got Fitbit devices with that little solenoid thing you can buy from Thailand now. And it'd be like "well they've fell into a blind something but I don't know what they're spelling out, and they could all go to specific GPS locations and just drop the paint then run back to the bus, still blindfolded it'd be amazing."

And the winner gets a silver spoon and the loser gets the same spoon which is then used to scoop up all of the paint.


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