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Neoliberal Fascism (No surprise to anybody!)
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Re: Neoliberal Fascism (No surprise to anybody!)
Aug 28, 2018, 08:49
Ethericat wrote:
phallus dei wrote:
Howburn Digger wrote:
phallus dei wrote:
Be sure to check out the remix version!!


One of the clearest depictions of the Empire I've seen.

Holy motherfucking fuck. I've never seen (or heard) that before. Everyone on the planet should see and hear that.

Yes, that video is a classic. Watching it brought me a lot of joy during the election season. I'm sure if it was made now, it would be quickly flagged as "hate speech" or for being made by a "Russian bot". The Empire has learned its lesson, and is doing its best to make sure that something like 2016 never happens again.

I hardly ever come here these days, but I'd just like to say that both of your contributions in these and related discussions are excellent, and are properly informed insights outside of the identity politics group think echo chamber that is so prevalent online these days. Great stuff. Keep it up chaps.

Agree 100%! Well done guys.

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