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Monkeys given keys of the banana cage ...
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Welfare for all
Nov 17, 2018, 11:27
"Your news is all about agendas and diversion. Slaughter in plain sight, oil snatches, territorial wars, proxy wars and distract the soft, caring underbelly at home with some fox hunting stories. I hate fox hunting."

The problem with U-know is the one-sideness of the issues, Brexit till we are all sick of it, and then fox-hunting as the ultimate cruelty, when there are other issues of absolute cruelty in both animal and human world history.
The human suffering in places like Yemen and Palestine are grotesque compared to what we suffer in this country. If some of us do care, then I think U-know is not the place to come to TBH.

What will be will be with Brexit, resign yourselves to it;)

To take two animal instances.... dog-meat eating in Asia, they don't get even the free run of the countryside that the hounds have for a time (the hounds get shot in the end if they become useless)....

Then there is bile extraction from bears, cooped up in cages for years.....

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