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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Edited Mar 30, 2019, 00:55
Re: Indicative votes Round 1
Mar 30, 2019, 00:05
Or, if you want to bring the whole intellectual process into disrepute - Anna Soubry looks like Margaret Thatcher with all the evil space lizard worm tongue exorcised.

Blessed be the European Union, for they simply copy us.

Copius amounts of youtube - oh no what will we do with Pepe the Frog? Open a polar bear circus in bastard bloody Greenland fah fah fah.


yeah we get it, Teresa May's leopard skin shoes are an echo of Julian Cope's song* about the Poll Tax riots - where in digital native canadia land the Rebel Media co-opt directionless twenty first twenty somethings to go all: AH MATE, Dominic Raab has been injected into a gerrymandered Surrey safe seat after the ground had been laid in 1997 (like your mum) to spout sbwriws ketamine republican self help diatribe like this ultimately useless paragraph.

What are you going to do? Burn all of the plastic rubbish?

Your best bet is collating all of the Sigmund Freud Sargasso detritus, shipping it over to the Fens and then stamping it all down so your opinion attains commensurisationalism with sea level!

Which still comes back to Dominic Raab: AAAAARGH!!! There's no escape! Let's all dance to Dominic Raab and celebrate the ironing.

(why does it come back to Domincqwgjy Raab though, is it because the idea of preventing East Anglia from sinking beneath the sea using plastic detritus is bloody stupid and unattainable yet ultimately necessary?)

((this ALDI cider just isn't strong enough))

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