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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Captain Starlet
Captain Starlet
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Re: Jesus I despise Brexit.
Jan 09, 2019, 10:02
tjj wrote:
nigelswift wrote:
tjj wrote:
It is true I want my country back ... from the various extremist factions that are currently tearing it apart for their own political agendas.

Me too, but I see it as a (now) majority who don't want their Europe torn away from them by people with their own political agendas and those they are misleading.

A large, possibly a majority, percentage would vote to Remain as they did before. Another large percentage would feel betrayed and further disenfranchised, perceiving they were ridden roughshod over by the urban middle classes. Another percentage, we don't know how large, probably wouldn't vote at all, feeling sickened by the whole ultimately disempowering process. I would probably place myself in the last category.

Surely, surely, the only way forward now is to work in partnership and co-operation with Europe on trade, human rights etc. whilst retaining some autonomy on border control, fishing rights ect. I understand Theresa May's deal does more or less meet these criteria. What on earth is the Labour Party playing at shouting from the side-lines generally advocating chaos so they can be seen to be picking up the pieces - when they should have been working in coalition with the sensible members the Govt (there are a few) to find a solution. I cancelled my Labour Party membership yesterday as have lost faith pretty much in the entire political system that currently 'governs' this country.

For me I want my country back from the political idiots and extremists in westminster (I'm in Wales). I hear you about cancelling your labour membership, I cancelled mine after the last leadership election and corbyns 10 stupid pledges. I saw a link to Emily Thornberry the other day shouting something about people calling for a second ref are just doing it to criticise Corbyn? With nonsense like that it's hardly surprising that people are leaving, it really shows they've lost the plot.

Then there's this today on Scottish Labour


As with Welsh Labour they're not serving any real purpose. Welsh Labour even voted along with the tories to give back devolved powers, which the people of Wales voted to increase!! Come the next elections I have no idea who I'd vote for!

If there is a second ref then I'm hopeful people will have taken in the mess of the past 2 years and vote with their heads, not unrealistic propaganda and lies.
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