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Jesus I despise Brexit.
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Re: Boris plays the race card
Oct 05, 2018, 22:35
Would it be true to say that whether we are either in or out of the EU the political system will still be corrupt to the core?

What is the difference in reality? In or out..is it just an IDEA?!
What better way to divide a country eh? That’s what it’s done.

We give a tiny minority the power..the power to think that they are important. We are endorsing a totally current political system by even thinking that what they are talking about is real. For example..What if nobody turned up to see the new ‘royal baby’ how important would William and his wife feel then? What would’ve happen if nobody voted? Am I being naive?

If you filled in your 2011 census online your personal data was collected by/went straight to the website of Lockheed Martin UK..one of the biggest arms manufactures on the globe. Top of the list of corrupt companies on some list or other. Did we all know that? No, we thought it was the ‘ ‘Crown’..LM uk now owns that information so if their was/is a data breach..no come back. Your information is not yours.
What’s going on? The world isn’t countries anymore, if it ever was..for the rich and powerful I mean...the idea of a country is a way of controlling people of that region...it’s corporations, boarderless empires now that invade and occupy your ‘public spaces’ and make them completely sterile. Some suggest the ‘ment’ in government has its root in the Latin for ‘mind’ as in ‘that’s what I meant’ I had that in ‘mind’ so...governing of the mind. Of which there is only one which we all ‘share’ but we are constantly told by media etc that we are individuals...with minds of our own.really? anybody that’s done some decent acid would maybe know this.

I think we should be asking a whole load of different questions other than the ones that are GIVEN us to ask.

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