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How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?
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Edited Dec 28, 2017, 18:43
Re: How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?
Dec 28, 2017, 17:58
Obviously the key thing here if I remember my GCSE Business Studies / Dave Gorman Powerpoint presentation is to investigate the market by researching which company already provides passport covers, then offer a competing product everso slightly more expensive but with a myriad of choices - like swappable mobile phone covers.

You could have a Clarkson Racing Green cover,

a May Leopardskin cover (contains 0.5% Real Leopoard / LBV),

a Bod cover

lots of different covers

a Grant Chapps cover (contains 0.5% real scotch-infused leather)


A James Bond cover (recycled Bibles with all the fragments of little words poking out from under each other, laminated)

A Brian Blessed cover (contains 0.5% compressed polar bear fur)

A Cheese cover (new biometric edition where the passport office ferments a sample of your stomach lining with some milk then presses the result through muslin which is then dried, laminated, may take 6 to 8 weeks)

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