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How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?
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Edited Nov 24, 2017, 12:36
Re: How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?
Nov 24, 2017, 12:20
grufty jim wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:
So Britain ignores Scotland. Fantastic! Time to bring SNP MPs home I think.

My Scottish friends are all pro-Independence and so, by proxy, am I. However, I'm also of the opinion that Brexit has made the whole issue *way* more complicated. If Scotland had voted 'yes' in the Independence Referendum I don't believe a hard brexit, entailing an exit from the Customs Union, would have even been on the table. Just couldn't have happened.

But we are where we are. I personally feel the effects of Brexit, if it happens and if it's even remotely "hard", will be keenly -- and badly -- felt in Scotland and Northern Ireland (as well as everywhere else of course).

I think it has the potential; if Pro-Independence parties in Scotland and/or Republican parties in NI, play a blinder; to spark regional referenda within the next 5 years.

Whether the people of NI will vote for a united Ireland; or whether the Scottish people will vote for independence (and the potential for "border problems" of their own by then); is a whole other matter. But Brexit definitely lays the groundwork for further political upheaval.

NOTE: edited for spelling and clarity.

I agree with all of that sir. If the Lab/Lib/Con pact and their far right and sectarian allies hadn't banded together things might have been different in Indy1. In the general election the Labour/Liberal actively encouraged its voters to vote Tory especially up here in Aberdeenshire, so you can understand a severe distrust of Corbyn and his lackies. In fact he is a Tory!


Also I think in education it will be disastrous especially in rural places, Highlands and the Islands. Lots of schools, village halls etc are co funded by the Scottish Govt and EU working together.


In the Central Belt the Tories told their voters to cast their votes to Labour candidates.
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