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How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?
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Re: How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?
Nov 24, 2017, 11:58
grufty jim wrote:
drewbhoy wrote:
Scotland voted to stay, as did NI, surely they have to treated differently.

Unfortunately not.

The whole thing is a clusterfuck.

Legally, the EU can't treat Scotland and Northern Ireland differently, and you know that. Leastways not without the consent of Westminster.

What's more -- it shouldn't be able to! I like the EU and I'm a proud European citizen, but I don't think the EU should be able to reassign territories from one nation state to another. Down that road lies madness.

So no; Scotland and NI cannot be treated differently even though many of us (me included) think it would be better, in this instance, if they were. The general principle is more important.

To be blunt, Brexit has made me furious. And more so every day when I see the bumbling incompetence and outright contempt for peace and stability in my country being displayed by British politicians.

The EU has already proposed a special exemption for Northern Ireland; allowing it to remain in the Customs Union and even the Single Market. This has been roundly rejected by the UK government and their DUP partners.

Any "different treatment" has to happen with the consent of London, and London won't give it.

So Britain ignores Scotland. Fantastic! Time to bring SNP MPs home I think.
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