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How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?
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Re: How did you vote in the great 2016 Folly Daddy?
Nov 24, 2017, 11:00
grufty jim wrote:
Angry? Because the UK has to follow the rules?

The Guidelines for the European Capital of Culture are very clear. They are down in black and white, and Britain helped draft them. But you feel Britain merits an exemption?

Why exactly?

Every third year there is an ECOC from an EFTA/EEA country, a candidate country or a potential candidate to EU membership. It uses the same criteria with a few administrative differences (call and rules of procedure issued by the European Commission and designation by the European Commission).

From: (source)

So by the rules of the system, 2023 has been set aside for an EU member (which Britain has chosen to no longer be in 2023).

It could apply as a non-EU member for one of the "1 in 3" years; except those slots are only open to EFTA/EEA members, or those applying to be EU members. There is every chance, based on the current statements of your own government, that the UK will no longer fulfil any of those criteria in a couple of years.

But still you're angry about EU "dog in a manger" attitudes? I just don't get it. Why do you feel you can leave a community and then feel aggrieved when you no longer have access to the benefits of that community? Or feel angry when the community fails to make special exemptions to its own rules for your benefit?

Brexit has resulted in some odd attitudes in the UK.

Scotland voted to stay, as did NI, surely they have to treated differently.
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