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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: Coral
Jun 23, 2016, 23:05
carol27 wrote:
Sin Agog wrote:
At least the ark will be less likely to sink by running into a coral reef.

Sin, shall we build a sustainable wood ark, put some hares in it & sail over to Ireland? Sorry, bad mood, despair kind of day. We'll ask Dhaj along for the intellectual American viewpoint. Dhaj,I mean that with all due respect.

Woah, I was actually thinking about heading to Ireland if things work out badly today. They have a policy where anyone who can prove that they're really an artist gets big tax deductions. No way that's not an improvement on this...Pink Floydian people-grinder of a country we're living in right now.

Actually, I already live on a boat (albeit one which floats, but doesn't really move, at least last time I checked), so I don't see why I don't just turn it into my own personal ark and start afresh somewhere. Maybe too scared of breaking away from the status quo, grotty as it may be? Also adore my precious South Downs too much. They're my touchstone, my lifeblood. Would be lost without them.

Anyway, was watching a documentary on the walking Epaulette Shark earlier which lives in coral reefs, and goes for a gambol about town when the tide goes out too far. Eerie to think that whole ecosystem, and maybe others besides are doomed. Constantly having to check people for picking flowers and robbing the starving bees of nutrition, even if they're doing it because they're pretty and they want to touch them. If we really botch it in that area we're doomed.

Then again, I guess we're still in that post-industrial "Things are great! Need more" stage and that feeling will level off eventually. New ecosystems will be formed. New phases in humankind. There is a seed planted in a lot of people's minds even now to keep themselves in check, to try, to quote Roy Harper, to "leave the world as clean as when they came." If people now are starting to have dialogues about how to treat LGBT respectfully, what words to use, when thirty years ago Bernard Manning and the like were ripping them to shreds for being different, maybe it won't be too long before we start evolving on a big scale in our thinking about our carbon footprints etc.? Then again...we'll find out tomorrow just how Far From the Manning Crowd we really are.

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