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More Bono bashing (never enough IMO)
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dodge one
dodge one
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Re: More Bono bashing (never enough IMO)
Oct 10, 2010, 19:26
About the few things that teenagers hate more.....
I don't think there's any here.
Loads of folks who think they are revolutionary heads though. Nigh on their 40's or older.
Whats their excuse? The Snubbin', Drubbin' and Hub-Bubbin'.....
Jaded ?
Thinkin' a haircut and duds {or perhaps some mascara} is all it takes to make the revolutinary set?
Nah....can't be that, I've seen pictures of the 'HEADS' here posted from shows...Lots of fat balding leather jacket wearin' agein' Righteous dudes....
Still Hatin'.....the good fight. The one that actually matters.
Won't get much done in a big plaster head.
Do we all have plaster heads?
What is the good fight anymore?
Knockin' down anything that makes a profit...Having a regular job...skating on the thin ice of life?
Name dropping the old Revolutinary's who have entered into the pop culture conscienceness? Ceptin' Jesus.....that is.
Is following there examples possible?
As you said IAN, who gets rated on the cool meter and who is Righteously flounced off of it by the ever shifting popular consensus? I'm losing my perspective here.
Isn't it the "RICH FOLK's!!" that enable most of us that actually work to have a Job at all?
Can somebody PLEASE tell me what a "RICH PERSON"{in the constantly derisive meaning as it is bandied about in these parts} IS? Whats the aproximate figure? Is it anyone who has got more than me? GOT WHAT.....
I want to be accurate {and righteous} when i snub my nieghbors, countrymen, or fellow species members because they are too 'RICH' by the standards as agreed upon right here on H.H.
If i'm going to be accused of dividing and conquering...i want to do it on a spectacular scale.
I'd like to make it my lifes work to single out the haves from the have nots.
I'm gonna make sure that the HAVEs sure as fuck cough up, what 'I' think is their fair share, to THEM whats got it coming.
And man, there's loads of 'THEM'...
I think that is just the thing for me....We all know that its uncool to be racist or religous, or the 'WRONG' political party affiliation....Just imagine, something to wrap my RIGHTEOUSLY guided HATE and indignation towards.
Those "RICH" cuntys is gonna pay i tell ya!!
Startin' with that BONO fella.
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