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I'm sorry
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Edited May 23, 2009, 10:38
Re: I'm sorry
May 22, 2009, 20:19
Lots of things to mull here so thanks for engaging so deeply. I hope to come back to this next week.

For the record what started this off are the following lines ....

"I am just hoarding weapons while I'm preaching revolution.
Me, I'm preaching violence yes I'm preaching blood,
No one is sitting on the fence. I'll drag you through the mud.
And if you want to beat me it'll be through execution.
You cannot defeat me cos I'm preaching revolution."

No grey area there so it demands a count me in / count me out response. Though perhaps he is "in character".

For the record you can count me out.

Anyway I'd be inclined to leave this sort of thing to others. Though lots of the rest of the song is pretty great. I prefer him metaphysical. Traditionally somewhat safer ground for the renegade poet and in any case I think Fugazi have a long head start when it comes to political rock n roll and practicing what they preach.

And as for Supertramp if nothing else they are good for the best underwater backwards gong sample this side of David Essex .....

BTW I could have sworn the word peaceful was in or around the section of your post relating to change in South Africa. seems I must have imagined it. And with that my revisionist credentials are truly established.
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