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I'm sorry
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Edited May 19, 2009, 04:51
Re: I'm sorry
May 19, 2009, 04:35
geoffrey_prime wrote:
Sorry, forgot to add...you don't have a Royal Family do you....so how do you know what it feels like to have one?

Why should I have to be English to know that propping up inherited wealth and power is an anachronism that ought to die with the past?

America doesn't technically have royals, but in fact, we do have the next worse thing, which you should be quite familiar with- old money that distorts the democratic process.

I'm almost curious to hear what your defense is of royalty. That it brings tourist dollars? That it's 'tradition'?

I'm sorry you feel duty bound to defend the crown against all the rest of us... I do admire your tenacity.

I've been sparring all alone against a half dozen defenders of corporate excess for the past three days on a local forum, so I can sympathize with your isolation here. I'm not going to budge, tho.

I AM a descendant of people who fought just a hundred miles east of here to throw out the monarchy.

Sorry if any of my ancestors shot any of your ancestors. Nuthin' personal.
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