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I'm sorry
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Re: I'm sorry
May 19, 2009, 02:28
Yes, he did. and he is getting really tired of the one-dimensional, idealistic, fantasy political posting on this board. It's a great excercise in time-wasting, with no chance of changing anything political in real terms.
Is it unreasonable to be frustrated when for example...
# after a number of political comments being exchanged, the "opposing" poster declares that he/she is not a democrat...and probably wont vote in future elections!
# a poster puts forward a couple of Militant Tendency MP's, from almost 30 years ago, as examples of honorable politicians. Clearly this is a view...but honestly, cant we work in the present day?

Yes, I am basically a Tory, although I have and will vote non-Tory in local elections, based on the candidates contribution in my locale.
Incidently I am pro-European...so I am on the fringe within the Tory party. Yes too, I am a Royalist.

Clearly there are a majority of political idealists who post here...personally, I think they are likely to change nothing. Voting and participating in a political democracy...even if I more-often vote Tory...I think I will change things...and for the better.

Anyway..as the great FZ said..."Don't forget to Register to Vote"!
There are some important elections coming up...
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