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I'm sorry
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Moon Cat
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Re: I'm sorry
May 18, 2009, 17:37
handofdave wrote:
I fear that here in the USA the right wing will come back to power in a big way if Obama's attempts to get the economy rolling again fail. There's a part of me that almost thinks he may just be an 'allowed' Democratic president- that he was "permitted" to win- (does anyone else suspect that the Republicans set themselves up to lose on purpose?) so that he could take the big fall while the right regroups.

That did cross my mind, especially when they went for Sarah Palin as the running mate. I've always been a bit at war with myself for considering that because, in a way, it undermines Obama's achievement in getting elected, which I still believe to be an important thing. It's also crossed my mind that Labour could well do a similar thing next year. In fact, more or less any incumbent Western party might well feel like throwing in the towel in a general election 'cos whatever the respective oppositons polices are, the global mess is gonna be very difficult to clean up, and short of diong something completely radical, a party coming to power is gonna inherit the mess and look pretty ineffectual from day one.
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