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I'm sorry
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grufty jim
grufty jim
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Re: I'm sorry
May 15, 2009, 16:46
geoffrey_prime wrote:
You are talking crap anyway, Cameron's claims are limited to mortgage interest and utility bills on his second home... which is exactly what MP's should be claiming for... and nothing more.

My whole point is that MPs shouldn't be claiming their "mortgage interest and utility bills" from the public purse. It may be within the rules, but guess who sets the rules?

It's weird, it's like a mafia boss insisting the murder he's committed shouldn't be punished because it was carried out according to the rules laid down by the Cosa Nostra code.

This "second home allowance" nonsense is just a way of declaring corruption within the rules. Why didn't British MPs go the route of more transparent democracies and commission a block of small but functional apartments owned by the public for use by MPs when parliament is in session? Why decide upon a system that allows MPs to build up bleeding property portfolios on expenses?

The whole system is corrupt, and any real Conviction Politician would have set an example a long, long time ago and would not have waited until the media descended.

The guy's a millionaire. He rakes in over a 100 grand per year as leader of the opposition, and doubtlessly has a nice little sideline in after-dinner speeches and magazine columns. He lambasts the public services for their lack of financial responsibility. Yet he couldn't resist that extra £20k per year in expenses for a second home.

And given that his constituency is Witney (an hour by train from central London), why the hell does he need the second home anyway? It's not like he'd face a commute from Aberdeen every day. He lives 10 minutes from Oxford for crying out loud!
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