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I'm sorry
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Moon Cat
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Edited May 12, 2009, 18:37
Re: I'm sorry
May 12, 2009, 17:46
It was so obvious that, given the recent revelations in the news over the last year or so really kicking off with that Tory that was paying his twatbox of a son 'expenses' for 'Admin' serivices whilst said son was at Uni getting trollyed, and then Jaqui Smith's hubby having a tug on 'expenses' that this was just the creaking lid of a colossal can of worms being opened.

I have to admit, as appalling as it actually is, I couldn't help but smile 'cos, with the Labour expenses revelations of last week coming out, everybody must've been thinking "Why aren't the Tories steaming into Labour over this? They could really go to town..." and of course it's because they were staying relatively schtum cos they were cacking themselves 'cos they knew they were next. You can just imagine a Tory MP, looking at his shiny clean swimming pool, knowing where the cleaning bill went, and going "Oh Shit. This isn't gonna look good". The gem was one of 'em claming for repairs on his moat! A FUCKING MOAT! How feudal do you wanna get?!!

There is a slight schadenfreudey element of fiddling whilst Rome burns about all this but that doesn't stop it being abysmal and despicable. I mean, there's no doubt that there's some of these characters have probably referred to people on benefits as "scroungers" or worse at some point.

The sad thing about this is that I think it's horribly damaging to those few - and I hope there ARE some out there - folk that go into politics for all the 'right' reasons. I'd hate to see some struggling indepentent soul fighting a cause tarred with the same brush as the scumsuckers that are involved with this mess.

EDIT. Ps. is it me or are the papers and telly really, really enjoying reporting this?
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