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Steiner Education
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Re: Steiner Education
Jun 06, 2002, 14:42
my little boy is 3 so will be starting main stream education Sept 2003. Although most of the village school are alright they are all pretty pushy on academic skills ( as i expect are all schools now) Also the level of conformity requireed to fit into the class structure makes me shudder big time. On the other hand unless i move it seems as if the decision i take now as to schooling makes an impact on ALL his schooling. Im prob getting way too stressed bout this and projecting loads of my own school shit onto this..but hey..im a mum!

Anyways.... a new steiner school has opened a few villages away. Its pretty small but they all seem well mellow. Although im not up on the steiner education philosophy, im pretty familiar with their medical philosophy...which in most ways fits in with my own work.

However at my old school we used to get steiner kids join the school at 6th form. They all seemed at the time quite a mixed up bunch...also quite aloof from the rest of us ( that might of been cus the steiner school in Bristol was ina pretty affluent area)

so i just wanted to see how other people got on..and what they thought

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