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our racist prince
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Edited Jan 17, 2009, 03:41
Re: our racist prince
Jan 17, 2009, 03:33
geoffrey_prime wrote:

This forum, politically, is largely a 1-dimensional, lefty love-in...anyone with a slightly opposing view gets treated as an absolute threat..it's hilarious to a point, then becomes really predictable and stiffling.

You say that like its either surprising, or a bad thing. I'm sure if you posted pro marxist arguments on the Stormfront forum (a neo nazi forum) you'll get equal amounts of grief (actually you'ld get death threats from them, I know, I've done it for giggles in the past) So what ?

Every online political forum, in fact every forum, has it's own group think.

Seriously, How on earth do you expect this particular forum, considering what it's supposed to be for (read the u-know pages ever ?), and it's relationship to Julian Cope, to be anything other than it is ? Do you actually expect it to attract pro royalist tories ? You're being just a tad a tad silly. Sure, people are going to argue with you, either deal with it and argue back or leave. Accusing a forum of being closed minded is usually what closed minded people say. Also, as said, duh... are you actually surprised you got the responses you did ? Offended by what someone says to you on an online forum ? Ha, really ?

A tory, here ? Seriously ? There are plenty of other places you could discuss your particular flavours of indignation and apologism. Thats the point isn't it though, would you be happier there ? I mean wtf do you want us to do for you ? Agree with you when we don't ? Or maybe, just not reply to you ? We need to know the answers, in order to further our obviously shallow understanding of Political Science.

In short, learn to debate, or post somewhere where you'll get a sympathetic ear and don't actually have to debate.

Edit : And to clarify, I'm not a lefty...erm I think.. well I definitely accept that the majority of old left ideas and doctrine do not function in this first world. I'm a post structuralist anarchist me.
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